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Since its creation in 1998, ALTER ECO SANTE analyzes situations, then designs and guides to patients and carers technical transfer aids, with a strong spirit of responsability and service. The aim of technical transfer aids from ALTER ECO SANTE is to make professionnal and natural carers tasks easier. ALTER ECO SANTE teams are used to work in any kind of etablishments like nursing homes, hospital, physiotherapist center or private homes with appropriate solutions.

As we wish find solutions to keep elderly or disabled people autonomous while respecting carers work and health by preventing Repetitive Stress Injuries, ALTER ECO SANTE’s teams work every day to offer solutions able to work on these nowadays challenges.

With a 20 years experience in active or passive transfer and assisted or self transfers fields, we have found or created the best products to answers everyday handling issues. Their use will help to get a better care experience for every actors.

In order to assist you, our sales force is trained to transfer technical aids application (PRAP 2S). Our teams will advise you, as they do on a national scale with services providers, to answer your needs without forgetting the main objective:

“Keep carers back safe and maintain autonomy of reduced mobility people”

20 years of medical support

20 years of know-how

20 years of customer service

Square of skills


Go to the other, patient and carer.
Facilitate professionnal carers work.
Keep people dignity. Create some human link.


An eco approach in every meanings.
Economic with proven efficacy products, designed by an innovative French company near to Toulouse.
Eco-friendly with a clear preference for “made in France”, strong and recyclable materials included in products and packagings.


Transfer expert
Alter Eco Santé answers different needs: active or passive transfer, helped or accompany … in many establishments.

(*Santé = Health)

Press corner

La plupart des aides techniques sont issues d’une évaluation précise des besoins […]

Décision santé Le Guidon Automax, 1er prix de l'innovation!

[…] près d’un tiers sont des appareils originaux, dûment brevetés, conçus et développés par la société elle-même

Midi Libre Alter Eco santé au chevet des patients et personnels soignants

Why should you choose us?

A worldwide trade

Alter Eco Santé is available everywhere in France but also in other European countries.

Advisors listening carefully to you

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  • contact@alterecosante.net

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