ISSEO® system belt for handlebar moving AÏGO® and VERSO®

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The ISSEO system consists of the ARTUR belt and the Vertigrad ladder. It allows the caregiver to accompany the verticalization of the person, in an ergonomic way and to secure it before and during the transfer. The device is adjustable up to the size and hangs on the handlebar. By folding down the lower part of the belt on the upper part, the undressing or access to the seat is greatly facilitated.

Exists in child model, person of normal corpulence and person in state of obesity.

It can be combined with the use of AÏGO, VERSO and DINO handlebars
This sybracket facilitates the help and the progressive accompaniment of the person during his verticalization.
· Each notch of the scale (color code) simply and efficiently secures, using the metallic rounded hook of the handlebar by proposing a progression, and means of communication between caregiver and aided.
· It allows access for hygiene care or changes afternoon.
· It is easy to maintain.


Composed of the ARTUR® belt and the VERTIGRAD® ladder.

Ref / Size

SYSSEOXS : 4 to 16 years old, SYSSEO : size 38 to 58, SYSSEOXL : size 60 to 80

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