AÏGO movable handlebar for vertical transfer

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The AIGO® is a modular vertical, swiveling and moving device. Very stable and handy, it helps with a patient's sitting-standing-sitting transfer over short distances.
– Bed – armchair,
– Bed – Bathroom / WC,
– Armchair – car,
– From point A to point B over a distance defined according to the endurance of the patient.
AIGO® is a real care tool and is also used for changing and light toilets during the day. The grab bar and tibial supports are adjustable in height.
The Isseo® system helps caregiver to accompany the patient's ergonomic progressive verticalization and to secure it before and during the transfer.

The use of the AIGO® transfer handlebar improves the verticalization motor diagram:
• Greater antepulsion (forward trunk inclination) by advanced socket position and anterior mast tilt.
• Displacement of the center of gravity caused by the inclination
Anterior base for controlling retropulsion.
· The heels are positioned higher than the tip of the feet.
• Increased ankle dorsal flexion during the verticalization allowed by the anterior inclination of the tibial support.
• Stabilization of lateral imbalances by forearm support.

By combining the Isseo® system (Artur belt and Vertigrad ladder) with AIGO®,
This belt facilitates the help and the progressive accompaniment of the patient during his verticalization.
· Each notch of the scale (color code) simply and efficiently secures, using the metallic rounded hook of the handlebar by proposing a progression, and means of communication between caregiver and aided.
· It allows access for hygiene care or changes after noon
· It is easy to maintain.


Supplied with SANGO® belt.

Could optionnally be supplied with ISSEO® system

AIGO® transfer handlebar maintenance
One of the following procedures should be used for cleaning:
• Wiping with disinfecting/detergent high surfaces with neutral PH.
Epoxy paint and anti-slip can be cleaned with soapy water and usual disinfectants.

“”Cleaning / disinfection and tissue compatibility”” protocol of ANIOS type

• Do not clean under pressure.
• Do not use chlorinated solvents.
Prohibited products: Acid-based solvents, bleach and abrasive products.

ISSEO® sybracket maintenance
One of the following cleaning procedures should be used:
• Machine wash at a maximum temperature of 60 ºc
• Soaking in hospital solution detergent / disinfectant
• Machine drying at low temperature with delicate program

Prohibited products: Acidic solvents, softener, bleach and abrasive products.
– Do not iron
– Laundry forbidden.

Dimensions 34 × 56 × 81 cm
Maximum load

150 kg

Curb weight

24 kg


SIGO EVOL: AIGO supplied with SANGO belt, SYGOSSEO : AIGO supplied with ISSEO system

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